👩‍🍳 Home Chef & 🍵 Tea Addict Sharing love, health, and happiness with all!


When inspired, Heather Lea LOVES to cook! She isn’t afraid to give any ingredient a try. Many dishes are a fail. Many dishes are mediocre. And many a dish is SPECTACULAR!

Tea Lover

When Heather Lea needs time to find a moment of serenity, a delicious hot tea latte is just what the DR ordered. Froth up a creamer and top anything for amazing!

Food Prep

Less is more! Heather Lea attempts to prep and portion food for proper meal sizes and ease of effort later! Why make a salad DAILY, when you can prep once and enjoy all week!

Why Go Whole Foods?

When you work with whole ingredients, you take control of what goes into your body! When you control what goes into your body, you can leave all that nasty processed, high sugar, high sodium, nasty ingredient foods at the door! Your body will thank you for it.

“Chocolate Espresso Martini”

All the flavor of a delicious treat without the caffeine and calories.


A little time and effort can create any restaurant worthy treat!

“Chocolate Mocha Latte”

Need one of those fancy Tea Tin Cappuccino? This is all that AND MORE for 35 calories or less!

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