So I started my very first batch of liquid soap yesterday. I thought I did enough research on what I was doing. But, as I mentioned yesterday, I have no idea what I’m doing. But I do.

So this morning I woke up to my soap paste showing no signs of dissolution into the distilled water I had added the previous evening. This left me concerned as all of the educational videos I had watched on Professor McYouTube indicated that sitting overnight while on a warm setting would do just the think I needed to have my soap finished.

Well… It turns out that it was not the case. I resorted to questioning an amazing soap business coaching community I had joined. I was informed that there really is no set time for the soap paste to dissolve fully into the water. In fact, one person informed me that they just finished a batch that took nearly two weeks to finish! That caught me off guard. They did have a few suggestions and tips. The only one I utilized was adding more water — as I had already intended on adding more water.

Thankfully during the day the soap has nearly completely dissolved into a beautiful clear fluid. I’m expecting to be able to package up my liquid soap tomorrow and start testing! Now I have to wait patiently for tomorrow to come before I can even think about bottling that beautiful clear amber liquid. Pictured below are three phases of the soap. Hopefully tomorrow I can add the final packaged product to my experimenting photo timeline!

I’m thinking that I need to do more than just ramble. When I post about my experiments, I should share exactly what I do step by step. Maybe someone can learn from my journey and mistakes.

Funny story. My son was being nosy and he peeked into my crock pot. He informed me that my soap turned black. He was very concerned that something went wrong in my soap making process. I laughed and informed him that the soap was now a clear liquid and he was looking through the soap to the crock pot. He felt a little silly I’m sure. But he sure looked relieved.

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