The Throw

Have you ever bought a candle that smelled amazing when you sniffed it in a store; but, when you lit it at home, it just didn’t put off a strong enough scent? That scent perception has a term that you may not be familiar with: throw.

The reason why I bring up this term is I am in the process of testing a few new items I intend to have available for sale. I’m most recently testing a shower steamer. If you haven’t heard about shower steamers before, think of them as bombs of scent for your shower. When placed near the drain on your shower floor, they are supposed to fill up your shower with pleasing scents. Those scents can either just uplift your spirit or potentially assist in various things like opening up your respiratory system. (Think something similar to one of those stuffy nose chest rubs — but for the shower!)

Well, my shower steamer didn’t throw the scent as strong as I would have liked in my shower. It smelled amazing when you held it up to your nose. It gave me the promise of an amazingly scented shower that would be following soon. But it left me wanting. The scent never traveled up from the floor of my shower up to my nose. (And I’m short!)

So what exactly is the scent throw?

It’s the strength of the scent. Think of it this way:

  • If you were to throw a net weakly, the net wouldn’t go that far.
  • If you have a strong throw, your net would go far!

The same happens with scent! There are two types of scent throws: cold and hot. The cold throw is when you smell something at room temperature. For example, when you put that candle up to your nose to sample it’s aroma. Then there is the hot throw. When you lit your candle, the scent didn’t fill up your room as you might have desired.

Both the cold and hot throws of a product are important to you! If you don’t like how a candle smells in a store, you won’t buy it. If you don’t like how it makes your room smell after you light it, you won’t buy it again. This is important to me for my products as well. My shower steamer smelled exactly how I wanted it to smell when I held it up to my nose. But, as I already mentioned, the “hot” throw when used in the shower just did not live up to my expectations.

So my experimenting will continue for your benefit! I want to cast a large net far!

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