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High Quality AND Standards!

Mama Lea is an Independent Steeped Tea Sipologist proud to share an amazing loose leaf tea company with high standards for quality.  Here are some amazing facts on Sipology by Steeped Tea:
✓ NO Artificial Flavors
✓ NO Irradiated Ingredients
✓ NO Artificial Colors
✓ NO Harmful Preservatives
✓ NO Added Sugar — Unless Stated in Ingredients
Did you know that Sipology also maintains facilities that are organic certified?  Quality is of the utmost importance!
Sipology is also very conscious about how they source their ingredients.  Sipology by Steeped Tea is a proud member of the Ethical Tea Partnership.  They strive to:
▸ Improve sustainability of tea and the environment
▸ Improve the lives of tea workers and tea farmers
▸ Improve environmental management systems to protect soil, water ecosystems and wildlife

Have you had your #MorningMatcha?

Heal-Thy Self Boosters

For those that need specific vitamin & mineral boosts, Sipology has Vitamin B, C, D, Multi-Vitamin, Probiotic & Iron boosters!! They taste amazing and can give you that much needed nutrition your body might be craving!
PLUS, check out the line of pre-bagged teas to assist you with things like boosting your immunity to calming your nerves. Many of these teas are also available as 100% pure essential oils!

More than just tea!

The journey to that perfectly steeped cup of tea requires the perfect teaware and storage!

Fabulous Tea Ware

Amazing boosters and teas formulated specifically to assist with improving your health!

Heal-Thy Self for Your Health!

The dairy free hot chocolate is pure decadent bliss!  Bonus Points: only 35 calories per serving!!

Dairy Free Hot Chocolate

Save money by home brewing your own kombucha! Drink to your gut health!

Kombucha Brewing Kits

Introducing the Honey Latte!

Delicious both hot or cold, this blend of loose leaf tea paired with pure unpasteurized Canadian honey and bee pollen is sure to make any morning into the most amazing morning!
Did you know that bee pollen is naturally high in antioxidants?  And More!?

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