First, let me share a little backstory on how I got myself started with this soap and beauty idea. I can summarize in how this all came about with one short sentence.

I don’t know!

Really. I don’t remember how I became tuned into this concept. I remember one specific Tuesday in March where soap making was not on my radar. And then, two days later, I was obsessed! I don’t know what happened in that 48 hour period to open up my mind to the though of soap making. But sometime happened; and that brings me to where I am today. It is now two and a half months later and I have about nine batches of soap, three lip balms, two lotions, a sugar scrub, and two face masks under my belt.

I don’t plan on stopping there either! After a short holiday camping, I plan on returning to create a facial toner, face serum, more face masks, and a luxurious coffee soap. While I have a good idea of how I am going to create most of those items, I have yet to figure out how to reliably scent the soap with anything other than very strongly brewed and reduced coffee. I am afraid that the scent may not be strong enough to last.

While I’ve read information that it should stick around, I have never actually used coffee yet in my soap making experiments. There is potential for the scent of the coffee to fade during the curing process if I don’t add the proper strength of coffee to my soap. Many people I know seem to use the addition of coffee fragrance oil to scent their soap.

“What’s the Problem?” you ask, “Just use the coffee fragrance oil then!”

While coffee beans are naturally occurring, fragrance oils typically are not natural. Most fragrance oils are created with synthetic ingredients included! Using fragrance oils would be completely counter to what I am attempting to create and provide with my products. But truthfully, I am on the fence a bit about providing a few fragrance oil options — with very clear labels that fragrance oils are used over natural essential oils.

These days I seem to be getting distracted from what is supposed to be my focus. My focus supposed to be creating soap and beauty products that are natural and luxurious for your skin. But in reference to scenting my products naturally, I have happened across essential oils.

These have been such a distraction! I first considered essential oils for use as my way to scent products. However, in my research, I have learned about the potential health benefits essential oils offer. I’ve become obsessed with them! (Hence the blog header image…) I had a friend who knows a lot about essential oils, so I worked with her on obtaining some to play around with.

Oh My!


It’s that simple. I want to gush about essential oils so badly. I need to refrain from rambling too much. I just want to shout it out about how amazing they are and share with everyone I can. Essential oils have improved my life and my home. I’ll have to settle for sharing all that I learn on my pages dedicated to essential oils. As of my writing this, these pages are still in their beginning stages.

All About Essentail Oils

(insert hours long pause here full of distractions…)

Alas, I got distracted again with my oil research. I do so enjoy learning about things I plan on using in my products. I want to provide the best results with my products and essential oils can absolutely provide a boost to thinks like face masks and lotions. However, I need to DO more than just spend time learning. As soon as I get back from my holiday I will have to spend time creating to put this essential oil information rolling around my head to good use!

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