Luxury Ingredients – Part 3

When planning what products I want to create, I have to think about the benefits I am aiming for. When I know what goals I am aiming for, then I can consider the ingredients I wish to add to my products. Different products bring different benefits. My goal is to provide products for your skin that help encourage your own natural beauty.

This is part three of the benefits of specific ingredients. While all are not technically considered luxury ingredients, what they can do to your skin can be quite luxurious. As mentioned many times, each ingredient has been selected with care to meet specific goals I have in mind. Though, I must admit, one ingredient I did purchase just because I wanted to learn about it and experiment with it. I’ll detail that in the ingredients section.

Below you can find information about four of the ingredients I have recently received. I intend to use these in some of my more targeted facial products. With these ingredients, I hope to provide affordable, luxury skincare products.

Lavender Powder

Lavender is amazing! Used as a pure essential oil, the benefits are practically countless! Why not bring a few of those uses to your skin? Lavender can help do all of the following: fight acne, soothe eczema and dry skin, reduce inflammation, assist with the skin healing, help even skin tone, and assist with minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. That’s just what lavender can do help do for your skin! If you ever look into the benefits of lavender for uses beyond skin, you will immediately want to purchase some quality essentials oils and use lavender as a staple for life!

Lavender powder is one ingredient I bought just to experiment with. Typically I would use lavender essential oil in a product when seeking the benefits of lavender. However, some products I produce I do not want to add any oils to. A few products I want to create are going to be water based. That can make it a little difficult when it comes to lavender. If I were to add lavender oil to a water based product, I have to add additional ingredients to ensure that the oil stays properly dispersed. I am hoping that use of a powder will allow my water based ingredients to stay simple and still provide benefits to the skin that I seek.


This ingredient I never really had intentions of using in lotions or creams. I purchased this ingredient to assist with making a special soap. After researching typical ingredients used for specialty lotions and creams, I decided that I absolutely needed to utilize an ingredient I already owned! It will allow me to provide products that really are packed full of ingredients that are nourishing to the skin.

Like many of the ingredients I have chosen before, glycerin can assist with keeping your skin properly hydrated. It can also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles AND help slow the effects of aging. Glycerin can assist with skin elasticity, clearing acne, and give you smoother looking skin. It is even great for oily and sensitive skin!

Butterfly on Calendula Flower


While the term calendula may not be too familiar to you, you have probably heard of a marigold flower. Calendula is a species of marigold that can provide beautiful benefits to the skin. I have some dried flower that I need to infuse with a luxurious oil. Using a calendula infused oil would provide a double-punch of skin enhancing benefits!

Calendula has commonly been used in the past in salves and ointments to assist with cuts and skin healing. It has been known to help assist the speed in which cuts, scrapes, and bruises heal. Some people use this healing property to assist with their acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Other bits of my research has shown that calendula helps with the appearance of healthier skin through hydration and firming. It can possibily assist with collagen production! That means it’s helping you to create healthier looking skin. (See my part two on Vitamin C’s boosting collagen production for better skin elasticity.)


This is another ingredient I purchased just to experiment with. After researching some of the benefits that resveratrol can provide to the skin, this might stay in my arsenal of ingredients!

Resveratrol is an antioxidant that is good for your skin. Like vitamin C, E, and A, resveratrol can assist in protecting your skin. It can boost collagen production. (See above and part two!) It assists with skin firmness and fights fine lines and wrinkles. It can also brighten the appearance of your skin and even skin tone.

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