It Begins…

Well, I’m finally doing it. Again. And again…

This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to create a blog. I’ve had a few in my past. In fact, I tried to create one less than four months ago as of today. It wasn’t even related to bath and body products.

Are you asking yourself “What was it about then?”

Maybe you aren’t. In any case, it was to be about my culinary journey. I absolutely enjoy all aspects of food and cooking. I went hard core into eating healthy and cooking daily in January. That lasted about a good three months. But then something switched in my brain. I got tired of cooking. I got tired of creating. I was only doing the same old boring dishes again and again. I lost my creative spark and desire to continue my culinary career. (Pictured are a few of my creations. And if you are interested in more food, you can follow my culinary facebook page HERE.

Don’t get me wrong. I still absolutely enjoy all aspects of the culinary world. I think I just had a dose of reality hit me head on at some point. I accepted the fact that for me to realistically and responsibly be able to open a restaurant, I would need more capital than I could get on my own. I am not willing to take out a loan for my culinary dreams. My hubby would then end up on the hook for a very hefty loan if my enterprise failed. I am not willing to put that financial burden on him after he has already done so much for our beautiful family.

That brings me to soaping…

I do not know how I chose to start this journey into soaping and beauty products. I can’t remember. I don’t know how my sight was even focused onto making soaps. I just recall one specific day that soaping was not on my radar. And then two days later, I had the strongest urges to get into cold process soap making.

And that leads me to here. I want to make this work. My hubby shoulders such a huge financial responsibility to our family. I am privileged to be able to stay home and take care of my two year old and be there for my fifteen year old when he gets home from school. My hubby has to schlep his unwilling body out of bed each morning. And during the long winters we have, he has to head off to work in often below freezing temperatures. Sometimes he had to wake up early to shovel fresh fallen snow off the driveway before he can even think about leaving for work.

All the while, I am blessed to be able to stay home, pretend to clean the house, cook a quick and simple dinner, and then goof off the rest of the time. How is that fair?

Well, in my eyes it’s not too fair. So I’m working my at-home butt off with experimenting and testing products here at home. My goal is to work from home creating bath and body products that help inspire the natural beauty inside of us all. If I can help us afford a vacation each year, or a few payments here or there, I will be one happy camper!

And then I won’t feel so guilty about all the money I have wasted over the years. I can essentially pay him back by providing a little relief to his current financial burden.

I love you hubby dear! <3

Now to actually transfer all the entries I had on facebook. I can now put my rambling to good use here in my blog as the proper OMG-STOP-TALKING platform. Facebook & Instagram need to be to the point and just pretty pictures.

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