If I had no kids…

About twenty years ago, before I had kids, I started getting into webdesign, computer graphics, and programming. I really enjoyed the digital creation process and getting visitors to my website. I had two websites that I could have considered actually quite popular by standards twenty years ago. I had over 10,000 unique visitors a day (100,000+ a month). I was making over $500 a month from advertising.

I had a hobby fan website of an online forum/game that I used to play. And I also used to have an educational website to help people start to learn the basics of website design so they could create their own websites. Drag and drop wasn’t really much of a thing way back when. At least I don’t remember it much from way back when. I made things on my own.

In any case, I was getting into the fresh new world of the internet. I bought this domain over twenty years ago so I could have my name. These days when I give people my email address, I get a second look. Most email addresses these days end with things like gmail.com and yahoo.com. It has seemed popular census that it’s pretty cool to have a personal domain.

But again, I run off on a tangent. I guess that’s why I’ll tag this with #Random as I have a very bad habit of doing that. If you have ever talked to me in person, you know exactly what I am referring to with that simple statement.

So, getting back to the point…

Twenty years ago I was getting into the fresh new world of online. It was new to even big businesses then. The dot-com boom was going strong. If you had even the tiniest idea of an online business, you could easily get venture capital to make them money — and get rich yourself. Along with my hubby — who was much more advanced than I about computers and programming — we could have created an unstoppable team!

But I got pregnant in 2003. Don’t get me wrong! This is not a bad thing. Not in the least bit was this a bad thing. We planned to this addition in our life. However, what surprised me was that when I was about nine months pregnant, I decided that I would give up my learning programming for being a full time mother. I gave up all my hobby websites as my son grew and never regretted it.

I sometimes wonder where I would be in my life and financial situation if I had continued with my personal growth in programming and web design. Things could be a lot easier these days financially. And maybe I wouldn’t feel so guilty about not contributing to the bottom line of our household.

As of now, I haven’t done anything with this domain in probably at least ten years. With the recent determination to get into bath and body products, I have found a renewed interest in actually utilizing my website. So, as I said yesterday, it begins.

I hope my desire to give my dreams wings enable me to really take flight. I haven’t wanted something so bad in a long time.

2 thoughts on “If I had no kids…

  1. I just went on a weird nostalgia google search and found your site! I was part of the hobby site(s) and blog platform you speak of in the early 2000s and it and that “club” were a big part of my life back then. Crazy. Just saying hello and good luck with everything.

    1. Hello! Our hobbies way back when were such a big part of a lot of people’s lives. I enjoyed interacting with people and attempting to help people. I’ve always carried that on with me through my growing up. And now I hope to help people through my products and other resources I have. =)

      So Hello! And Thank you!

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