Happy New Year

It’s been a long bit since I’ve written here last. A lot has happened. And at the same time, not much as happened at all. We have all had the holiday season come and go. I’ve had sickness come and go in my family. (Thankfully very quick! THANK YOU ELDERBERRY & ESSENTIAL OILS!) I’ve been seeking ways to share what I love with people. I’ve 100% finished making my business legal in every last area that I can possibly can. I’ve paid my sales taxes for the 4th quarter of last year. And I’ve been working on a few goals here in my home.

I haven’t forgotten about my business. In fact, I think daily of how to expand and of what I need to do next. But I seem to be stuck on how to share what I love with people. I’m also stuck on finding the appropriate farmers markets and craft fairs to bring my products to. And on marketing. I’m stuck on marketing.

If I’m one on one with a person, I can totally share and explain why the things I love and make are amazing and good for you. However, reaching people outside of my limited circle seems to be the real issue. And being that I am in the fledgling stages of a small business, I don’t have a budget to advertise or market. That takes money which I do not have available right now. I intend to keep a large portion of what could be considered profit from every sale for marketing purposes; however, I don’t have enough saved just yet to make any sort of difference.

So what can I do?

Well, I can ask you, the reader to share. When you share with others, that helps me out. Sharing helps any small business out. It can help a small business owner reach people that they would not have access to otherwise. When it comes to facebook, it’s as simple as sharing product posts on your facebook page. And if you include positive feedback with the shared post, it can have the greatest impact for a small business!

So share what you love with others. Do so with pure intentions because you actually like the product. And don’t just share my posts: share for all the small business owners you love and support.

“Sharing is Caring”

This isn’t where I intended this blog entry to go; but this is where it decided to go. And I can’t really argue with that because it’s truth. When I figure out marketing, I won’t be as dependent on word of mouth as I am right now.

Now, enough of the rambling. I need to get back to making those samples I started on before I got sick. I didn’t want to keep making samples or products when I was sick just in case I trapped my bug in my products. I would not want to get anyone sick. And I’m sure you wouldn’t want to get sick either. 😉

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