Freezer Meal Goals

This is dedicated to all the mamas out there that actually LIKE cooking but get burnt out so easily.

Or maybe I’m just talking to myself. Again. Maybe this is just an officially written down goal for myself. Because if I don’t record my goals, then it doesn’t really mean anything, right?

I just spent the majority of today with freezer meal prep in mind. I went grocery shopping with a very well laid out grocery list and a plan. The plan was to pick up exactly everything I needed for the first month of meals and to prep them when I got home.

It was 100% a success! I now have 12 meals prepped and stored away in my freezer. It was a LOT of work. But these meals will make my life so much easier on days where I am going to be super busy and not have any time to meal plan/prep. I can just grab a bag from the freezer, set in a slow cooker and go!

While I was prepping the food, my hubby kept me company. It made the entire process enjoyable! We talked about vacations we wanted to take. He looked up ingredient details for me when I needed help. We talked about our kid’s schooling. We talked about things we needed and wanted to do. And we just rambled and enjoyed each other’s company. At one point during this entire process, the hubby pointed out to me that it took a lot of time and was a LOT of work to prepare all of these meals for future use! I told him that I actually didn’t mind the process. I enjoy working with food. And having these meals already prepared will make all of our lives easier for the days where we need that grab & go freezer meal bag!

That brings me to my ultimate freezer meal goals.

I believe that I can improve upon that work by creating my own freezer meal recipes. So I am officially announcing my own intentions to create freezer meal plans AND recipes for mamas like myself. I have two goals overall:

  • Prepare 15 Servings of every “special” dinner that I create. I’ll cook five servings for that night’s family meal and freeze two meals of 5 servings each for later use. This will build up my freezer meal supply and allow me to test recipes for the family.
  • Better prepare actual freezer meal plans meant to be shared and followed. The freezer meal plan I followed today had an amazing shopping list. However, the actual meal prep was a little tedious. I know I can improve the process to both make it easier for the person meal prepping and make the entire process take less time overall.

So if you are a mama in need of freezer meals to make future meals easier, then keep checking back in for recipes! I am hoping to have at least one new tested recipe a week to share! I am looking forward to creating breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes. But bear with me. I have many in-home projects in the work right now. Time will free up for me as I complete some of the long standing projects.

I have been trying to Marie Kondo my home for the longest time now! I WILL GET THERE! Letting go of excess isn’t as easy as one would hope. I can already feel the joy that letting go has brought me. I cannot wait to live with minimal and necessary.

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