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I decided to provide a little Essential Oils 101 information to a small private group of people that are either fans of essential oils, or curious about learning more on essential oils. I have also decided to share this information on here as the benefits that some essential oils provide influence my reasoning in selecting certain ingredients for my products. My next few entries will be about some of the most popular and helpful essential oils. Here I’ll give you ideas of how they can be used in your home and what they can be used for!

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While most essential oils steam distilled, lemon is one oil that is not typically steam distilled. Instead, this oil is extracted by pressure being applied to the pricked rinds of the fruit.

Have you ever wondered why many cleaners smell like lemon? Well, lemon has been traditionally used to assist with cleaning! And it provides a scent that we associate with a clean environment. (Maybe I should diffuse lemon more to make me feel like I actually have a clean home…?) Not only does the aroma of lemon evoke a feeling of cleanliness for some, but it can also be quite refreshing and uplifting overall!

Have you ever made guacamole or sliced apples? Then they turn brown (oxidize) over time? When you add a touch of lemon juice, it helps to prevent the browning of the avocado and apples. That is because lemon juice is high in antioxidants. Now, imagine your skin also “oxidizing” because of the exposure to all of the free radicals in the air (and that your body can produce!)

Antioxidants are excellent for your body inside and out! So consider incorporating Young Living’s Ningxia Red and essential oils that are high in antioxidants to your daily routine! And I highly recommend “Eating the Rainbow.”

  • You can read a little bit more about free radicals and antioxidants HERE.

Lemon can be used topically, aromatically, and internally. **

** Please note: Not all oils are safe to use topically or internally. You must be absolutely sure that the brand of essential oils you choose to use is safe for how you decide to use it. Young Living makes essential oils that are absolutely safe for internal, topical, and aromatic uses.

Here is a short list of some accepted uses for Lavender from various Essential Oil References Guides:

Lemon (Citrus limon)

  • Anxiety, Bites, Blod Pressure, Colds, Concentration, Constipation, Depression, Disinfectant, Exhaustion, Fever, Flu, Greasy Hair, Hangovers, Heartburn, Overeating, Postpartum Depression, Puriffication, Relaxation, Restlessness, Skincare, Stress, Uplifting, Varicose Veins

This is what Young Living says about this wonderful oil:

  • Provides an invigorating citrus flavor
  • Has antioxidant properties *
  • Supports the immune system *
  • Provides circulatory support *
  • Contains cleansing properties *
  • Keep Lemon on hand for its clean, energizing, and invigorating aroma.
  • Diffuse it to create a more focused environment.
  • Use its aroma to create an uplifting atmosphere.
  • Add Lemon to skin care products to help reduce the appearance of aging.
  • Use it to help remove adhesives

Here are a few quick ideas on how to use the oil in your own home:

  • Add Lemon Vitality to a tall glass of cold water for a fresh, antioxidant-infused drink to start your day.*
  • Add 1–2 drops to a vegetarian gel capsule and take it daily to support a healthy immune and circulatory system.*
  • Create your own marinades for grilling by adding herbs like oregano and basil plus some olive oil, soy sauce, and a few drops of Lemon Vitality.
  • Use as a natural gum remover and de-greaser by applying to surfaces. Test in an inconspicuous location first.
  • Make Lemon a part of your nighttime beauty routine by mixing 1–2 drops with your favorite beauty products. It will reduce the appearance of aging for a youthful complexion.
  • Diffuse Lemon when the atmosphere is melancholy for a boost of cheer.
  • Keep your refrigerator smelling fresh by placing a small bowl of baking soda mixed with 10 drops of lemon essential oil on a lower shelf.

Please note: All citrus oils can cause photosensitivity which means you could burn more easily. If you will be in the sun within 24 hours, be sure to only use Lemon essential oil where the sun won’t reach.

Helpful References:

Young Living Product Summaries:

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Young living products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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