DIY: Coffee Infused Oil

While doing research on what different ingredients can do for your skin, caffeine was mentioned a few times. While these days it’s not exactly considered a luxury to sip on a cup of coffee in the morning, it could be considered something lovely to add to a targeted product for the skin. I decided that based on the information I was seeing in research, I wanted to make not only a coffee soap, but I also wanted to make an espresso eye cream!

Why an espresso eye cream? Well, caffeine has been known to help reduce eye puffiness and dark circles! Why not try making a product that could help with those annoying issues. To do this, it required that I infuse an oil with espresso powder. So, here is a super quick and extremely easy tutorial on how to make your own quick oil infusion!

1 First, you need to start with an oil that you are comfortable using on your skin. I picked jojoba oil as I intend to use this oil infusion for an under eye cream. Jojoba oil should be an excellent oil for a luxurious eye cream.

2 Second, add coffee or espresso grounds and let sit! Really. It’s that simple. I let mine sit for over a week. While a week of rest isn’t necessary, it doesn’t hurt. Most recommendations I’ve seen instructs to let sit for about 24 hours.

3 Third, filter the grounds from the oil and you’re done! I’m currently letting my coffee grounds and oil sit in a coffee filter while it slowly drips through a funnel into a clean container I intend to store my oil infusion in.

Simple. Easy. Done!

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