It Begins… Again.

You know what? This is probably the third or fourth time MINIMUM that I have tried to create a website and blog about something. I started a little something a decade ago. It didn’t last long. I was honestly a little scared to share my opinion online. Online lasts FOREVER.

But here I am. Again attempting to share a little bit of myself with the void. And I will share this time.

I alwaystried to be very specific in what I shared. I focused on unpopular opinion and observations. I focused on recipes. I focused on natural skincare products. But I was never just me. What better way to represent myself than by actually BEING myself?

I heard a little line today that stuck with me. And I want to make that my goal and mission.

Bloom where you are planted.

Think about that. Bloom. Where you’re planted.

It’s finally time for me to bloom. I have always wanted to inspire people to find joy and happiness. Joy and happiness can be found everywhere. It might be hard to find that little spark of joy. But it exists. And I want to help people find that spark.

It’s time to bloom.

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