Who is Heather Lea?

So, who am I?

I’m just a mom that knew a long time ago that she wanted to be a mother. As a child, I used to plan a special family meal once a month. I would enjoy pouring over cookbooks to pick out that perfect, and easy, meal to create!

With a major push by my culinarily inclined sister, I attended culinary school briefly. There I rediscovered my passion for cooking! The only thing I learned while attending culinary school was to TRUST IN MY SKILLS.

I’m not a fancy chef. But I am an in-home chef. I can cook nearly anything! If I’ve seen it prepped and prepared by someone talented, I can make it myself! If I had the money and a spotless home, I’d experiment even more! I’ve found most of the time I don’t enjoy cooking when my home is a cluttered mess.

This chef needs a maid! And someone willing to clean up after her kitchen mess!

Here are some fun facts on what I love, what makes me tick, and in what ways I’d love to change the world!

I love…

  • Cooking and creating magic with food
  • A great tea latte!
  • Being a Stay at Home Mother
  • Living in the mountains of beautiful Colorado

This makes me tick…

  • I am unable to work in a restaurant right now. Working in the restaurant industry would interfere with family time! Plus, I would only make enough to pay for childcare.
  • It is so hard to find real facts these days.
  • Humidity and Heat

I’d love to change the world by…

  • Helping people learn to love cooking! And help them understand cooking IS easy!
  • Creating and/or supporting a charity that supports the homeless and hungry. I’d especially love to assist with many of the homeless vets I see quite often.
  • Teaching my children to actually think for themselves and question everything.