As a quick way to get myself deep into soap making, I decided to participate in a 100 Days of Action project for a soap business community of which I am a member. The point of this project was to challenge yourself to do something every day for 100 days.

I was one week into learning about soap making when they started this challenge. I figured this would be a great way to learn and grow with something I hoped to turn into a future at-home business. Little did I know that within 100 days that I would change my focus from just soap making to include an entire beauty routine! I plan on replacing all the products I use for my face care. I’ve even been toying with thoughts on tooth powder. That’s still something to be decided after I have created all that I currently intend to make.

Today is officially day 76 of 100. Many days, like today, I feel like I don’t accomplish anything — or even take steps backwards. Today hours have been spent researching how I want to formulate my recipes for my next steps in my facial routine products. It’s not as easy as one might think. I know I want to use specific ingredients and avoid other ingredients. It’s a matter of figuring out what I want my product to do and what ingredients I need to use (and in what proportions) to get the effects I desire.

I intend to use rose hydrosol and witch hazel as key ingredients in my toner. And I intend to make an essence and sheet face masks with hyaluronic acid. Unfortunately, hyaluronic acid is not cheap. But to be able to experiment, I need the ingredients. Thankfully I have been having pretty decent success with what I’ve made so far. Or, I’d like to think I’ve pretty decent success.

While considering key ingredients, I have to consider adding preservatives to keep my products safe. I mean, who would want to open up one of my products and find mold growing in it? Ewww! That would be one quick way to ruin my business. Preservatives are a topic which I’ll have to address in a post exclusively about them. I’m stuck between 100% natural vs very reliable (and safe) preservatives. This is a topic you can expect to see hopefully pretty soon. Maybe you can provide your own input into comments when that post is released.

Anyway… As I make these items, I will provide DIY tips on creating your own products at home for yourself. In the mean time, if there is a special DIY that you’d like to see, post a comment below and request it! I’ll take the requests into consideration for future DIY posts.

The 76 Day Breakdown

In 76 days, I have crafted nine batches of soap, one emulsifying sugar scrub, two lotions, three lip balms, two clay face masks, and foot soak. While the soaps are still a work in progress (a minimum of six weeks before I can test!), I have very happy with my lotions, clay face masks, and lip balms. The foot soak is still a work in progress. I am loving how soft my feet feel after a nice soak. I need to get my latest version to my sister so she can give her tired feet a good soak for hopeful relief from her 12-16 hour days.

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